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photo artist Rukin


Rukin, visual artist based in São Paulo, Brazil. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Design by FAAP. I worked for ten years as a graphic designer for the fashion industry. Nowadays, I use open source softwares to create and generate digital art. September 2004, I moved to Japan where I lived and worked for thirteen years, during this period I focused on my journey through the fine arts;  I participated in three exhibitions in Tokyo, and received two honorable mentions, jury choice (2011 / 2016) International Abstract Art competition, the Artist Portfolio Magazine . March 2018, I moved back to São Paulo. Since then, I participated in one solo exhibition, four group exhibitions, and curatorship of the art exhibition 'Acervo Porão 5 anos' (2020). My last art project involved performing a live painting during an instrumental jazz music performance. My art is featured by vibrant colors and saturated composition. We're living an unprecedented revolution, BTC, ETH, ICO, DeFi, Smart Contracts, DAOs, NFTs! What's Next!?


Check some of the artworks that were minted at my OpenSea storefront. Files in high resolution.

fox travel agent

2021, acrylic on paper - digitalized and incremented with gimp and krita (open source softwares). Available at OpenSea

wed outer space

2020, acrylic on wood panel - wednesday in jazz, live painting project.

wed ranx

2020, acrylic on canvas - wednesday in jazz, live painting project.

gold mind

2019, acrylic and spraypainting on wood - solo exhibition - porão da cerveja, sp.


2019, illustration with a digital touch - a small piece of the cypherpunk manifesto, 1993.


2019, the ouroboros is often interpreted as a symbol for eternal cyclic renewal, bitcoin symbol for gold 2.0, and the sacred geometry at the background


2019, digital collage - an old illustration (2016) tunned up into a cool cryptoart project.